A Hair Blog?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately of hair blogging a little more and I’ve especially been contemplating opening up my social media for the sake of being more social and sharing my hair growth. Whether or not I’ll actually do it… I don’t know! I have a tendency to shy away from being too active on social media in general because of my anxiety, but.. I’m definitely considering it! I guess we’ll see!

The Answers That Don’t Exist | What Now

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First, I want to say that as of today, I’ve got about 299 days- 9 months, til I graduate and I’m elated. I’ve spent far too much of my time day-dreaming about the changes that I’d like to have in my life after graduation. I look forward to gaining my full independence, settling in one place for some years, and getting my own place (with a kitty!). I’ve even made a habit of searching for apartments and houses online. Surprisingly enough, counting down the days actually isn’t making the time go by slower either. But back to what I really want to write about here.

I’m always in pursuit of answers. It’s just my nature. I’ve been this way since I was a child. When something sparks my interest, Continue reading →

In Need of Motivation

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I’ve been slowly but surely making preparations for my upcoming graduation. Still, I sometimes can’t believe that it’s really about to happen for me. Despite my excitement, I’ve found my recent run-in’s with anxiety (and accepting that I actually suffer from it), along with minor set-backs/disappointments, to actually cause me to forget that at the end of this year- which is already passing quickly, I’ll have accomplished 2 of my life’s goals. I’ll be in a much better situation to finally start settling down. These thoughts should stimulate me and excite me, but instead they’re like ghosts to me. I can sometimes see them but I can’t touch them, so I sometimes doubt their existence. Continue reading →

Running update 9

Maybe I won’t be getting that shirt after all. Sigh. You know, I was so proud of myself– I am still very proud of myself for the fact that I didn’t allow the cold weather to stop me from running outside. Even when the temperatures dropped below 30 degrees, I made an effort to go outside and run. But my progress was slowed significantly and I felt a lot of pain. Finally, the temperatures recently dropped to crazy lows and my morning runs haven’t even been an option.

I’ve been feeling frustrated because I was doing so good, but I’m trying not to let frustration get the best of me. If I plan it right, I can rearrange my schedule so that I can spend some time using the treadmill at my university on the days that I intern- which were my run days.

We’ll see.

Life Update | 10 Months til the “Big Day”

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My favorite thing right now is watching women’s 30th birthday’s come. I’ve watched birthday parties on YouTube and I’ve celebrated with glee for my lucky friends who’ve finally reached the big 3-0. This might seem like it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m moving in 10 months, but it does!

I have grown so much in the past 5 years, the past, year, even in the past month. I have entered a cocoon and I can feel that I’m no longer a caterpillar anymore. Seeing how much I grow and change every week makes me look forward to turning 30 and who 30 year old me will be. I’m so curious to know what 4 more years of growth will have transformed me into. Continue reading →

Stressed and Ungrateful

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Why is it always so tempting to start off the new year in a sprint?

I mean, in some ways I started my new year off like any other day/week/month, but I also identified two areas of my life that I’d like to see improvement in and immediately decided to start working on them… And I feel like I immediately got stuck in quicksand.

Let me just get right to it; I am far too easily stressed- sick and tired of being sick and tired, and know that if I practiced gratitude more often, it would offer me a remedy for the stress in my life. How hard is it to be grateful? Seriously? In fact, I thought I was already a pretty grateful lady… til Continue reading →

How’s the Love Life?

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Goodness, I’m really grateful to have finally gotten to a place in my life where my love life is going well.

I’m still really young, so it makes sense that I’m still getting the hang of things. Still, it just feels so good to be in a place in my life where I am no longer being stressed to the point of depression because of my dating life. In the past, I was always either unhappily with someone, unhappily searching for someone, or unhappily taking a break from dating altogether after being hurt. It was exhausting to experience and even more exhausting to constantly complain about to my friends. I felt angry all the time towards God for giving me the desire to have companionship and start a family, but not giving me a mate. At some point, I honestly forgot what it was that I was even looking for in a mate- I just wanted to have one. Then came the bouts of deciding that I was going to “give up” on dating all together, which turned out to be even more miserable then actually trying.

But now, Continue reading →