Five Reasons I Want to Become A Minimalist

So, I want to become a minimalist. There, I said it. And before I go on, I’d like to mention that I don’t mean the Merriam-Webster definition of minimalism… Nor… (Did people just take this word and twist it up or…?)


I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I want to incorporate the modern-day concept of minimalism to my life.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, I can go into five reasons why I’ve decided that the minimalist lifestyle is right for me.

1. I want to be free

My own definition of a minimalist is a person who has minimal attachment to things. Now, before I saw more, I want to mention that my problem with attachment runs deep and it’s not limited to inanimate objects.

Minimalism, to me, doesn’t mean that one only owns 1 small duffle bag of items, but rather that they don’t really own much more than what they need. These things can be essential items for daily survival, personal favorites, and even some items of sentimental value (assuming their attachment to these items doesn’t hinder them in any way).

So a minimalist is free. They exercise their ability and right to chose not to spend their time, money, energy, and sanity on items that don’t contribute any sort of growth to their life. That’s what kind of woman I want to become and that is my number one reason for wanting to change the way that I live.

When I was on a long-term vacation, I would go to this cute little store and spend more than $50 at a time on hairclips that I could literally make for a fraction of the price. I felt like I needed those clips. When people saw me with those clips, somehow they’d know that I am an amazing person and they’d want to get to know me better. And you know what? The hairclips that I am even able to find, sit dormant in a cup in my bathroom. Hundreds of dollars, just sitting as a display on my counter.

linecamera_shareimageI’d even take photos of clips and earrings that I couldn’t afford (because I already spent all of my money) and plan to create them. I seriously felt like I couldn’t live my life without these items and it’s so sad. Even now, I’m attached to THINGS, and the amount of things that I am attached to is just plain depressing.

I feel as though, without these things I can not survive because.. I don’t know.. not having them will stop me from experiencing some life changing moment.

2. I have always been a cluttered person

Perhaps I’m the only one who experiences this, but when I attempt to clean my room, I always end up with this random pile of stuff that ends up in a bag, box, or later crushed by me because I just left it in the middle of my floor. I’ve always been this way. Either I’ve had too much stuff or no designated area to put my items. (I also have an awful habit of not limiting my activities to relevant areas, but that’s a minimalist post for another day..) Having more stuff has always made this pre-existing issue worse for me. I’ll have a pile of items sitting in my floor, and I’ll come back with something else! I’ve purchased many doubles, only to lose them both in my junk piles when I actually need them.

3. I’m high-key a hoarder

As I’ve mentioned before, I will literally collect so much stuff, that I won’t even have a surface for it all. It’s ridiculous when you think about it and quite unacceptable for a young lady with such big aspirations. I mean, how can I expect to manage my success when I can’t even manage to keep my clothes, trash, and trinkets in a specified place. You know what I mean?

I’ve tried to conquer the stuff many, many times in the past, but this burning question always consumes me and leads to bags and boxes of clutter sitting on the side. “What if I need this later?” or better, “I still wanna use this to (insert a random 3+ year old idea that I had and wanted to create using these tools)”.. It’s ridiculous! And as I dive into this minimalist journey, I am truly expecting some huge road blocks to overcome..

4. I want to save more money

Despite that these now useless items will likely be given away, at no cost, to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and other random thrift stores, or perhaps sold for a very inexpensive cost, a good 90% of these items costed me a lot of money. These items have costed me vacations, car repairs, and even routine checkups. I’ve spent so much money on these things that seemed so necessary, that when something necessary occurred.. well I didn’t have any money!

I want to have more money to spend on things that actually make me a well-rounded, more fulfilled person, like my hobbies, improving my skills, and travelling. I DON’T want to waste money on trinkets, weave, and random Pinterest craft ideas anymore.

As I open my eyes to the “real world”, or “the matrix” as I like to refer to it when speaking to my best friend (another story for another blog post), I’m finding that the cycle of spending is all a part of a system or set of ideas that we’ve been made to believe since we were children.

I want to stop funding some rich person’s lifestyle and start investing in my own!

5. I am moving to Japan

Well now, here’s the BANG in my very first blog post. I’m moving! To Japan! A childhood dream that I will eventually explain on this blog, coming true. I don’t yet know how, and I can only guestimate when (June 2019), but what I can promise you is that I won’t be taking all of my JUNK with me! In fact, my maximum is 3 checked suitcases, a carry on, and a personal item. As I mentioned before, I actually want to save my money for things that will contribute to my growth, and travelling with a bunch of fat, heavy bags is expensive!

Funny story: When I moved in 2016, I couldn’t even fit all of my junk (along with furniture) into the pickup truck that I was moving in. I had to throw away things that actually should have probably come with me (like my DESK) in exchange for being able to bring boxes that I didn’t even see for an entire year, and two years later.. I still haven’t opened them. Now if that isn’t a shame… then tell me what is…

The saddest part, is that I could’ve visited or even moved to Japan much sooner if it wasn’t for my attachments to things (and people, but that’s a blog post for another time) and the amount of money (and time) these attachments costed me.

10 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Want to Become A Minimalist”

  1. We have SO much in common. Why do we get so attached to things? It is so strange! I’ve been decluttering for a while and there have been many roadblocks, as long as you keep trying over and over again you will get there! Best of luck xx

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    1. I find myself stuck so many times. In fact, a couple of times I actually went back and grabbed a couple of things from the trash. But that question of why I am so attached to objects has forced me to dig deep and find a much bigger problem within myself. Thank you for the well wishes!

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  2. Good luck with your decluttering journal! I just went through something similar, and let me tell you, I feel great! Don’t feel as though you need to be as minimal as anyone you see on the internet. Do what works for you!

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  3. Hi Bear 🙂 I’m also on a journey to become more minimalist. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reach extreme minimalism levels, but for me the main motivation is “to be free”. It’s a long process, I suspect 😉 I regularly declutter and donate clothes I’m not wearing anymore and so on… but it’s like an endless cycle. This time I’m taking the 30-day minimalism challenge. Check it on The Minimalists website. Basically on day 1 you get rid of 1 item, on day 2 you get rid of 2 items and so on until on day 30 you get rid of 30 items. I’m on day 6. So far so good… but wow… the challenge really makes me think how much stuff I have to donate each day…and at the beginning I wondered I might struggle to meet the daily target, but somehow finding the items to donate is easier than I thought 😉 For now…
    Anyway… Good luck with your journey and thank you for sharing your experience! Domo arigato 🙂

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