Fitness Problems

When I picture my ideal self, I picture myself almost exactly the way I look now. The only difference is that I’m about 10 lbs lighter. Strength is the major difference though. I want to be stronger and I want to have more stamina and endurance. HOWEVER, I’m having a few issues while trying to achieve my fitness goals..

Problem 1: Nutrition

This didn’t even taste nutritious
  • It’s seems so complex! Bad foods.. good foods.. better foods.. okay foods… oh my gosh like what do I need to eat?? How do I figure out what I need to eat?! I get that the diet is based on the type of result one wants to achieve.. but I don’t know.. it doesn’t seem that simple sometimes. When I look up meals and stuff.. I wanna replace ingredients or.. man….
  • Using specific ingredients more than others is another issue. White, brown, whole wheat, 12 grain, 42 grain…. c’mon like why does nutrition seem so complex on YouTube?! Then, some ingredients must be home made to replace other ingredients, chia eggs for example. I’ll be honest.. this is something I want to do anyway because I am sooo lactose intolerant and it’s terrible how much dairy I’m sort of forced to eat. I’d love to have vegan mayo, ranch, and cheese.
  • Being mindful of nutrition requires me to read labels even harder than I already do! It’s the same problem with hair products.. no sulfates.. no.. whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read my ingredients, but what do I do when people are suggesting I avoid an ingredient found in almost everything.
  • I just learned to cook.. and while I’m trying to enjoy it.. it’s hard enough when using normal ingredients. Some nutrition plans are requiring me to cook and use specific methods.. Listen, I have some walmart pots and cookware and about $40 a week to spend on food ingredients. So how are we gonna make this work??

2. Meal prepping takes so much time

  • I will admit that I usually meal-prep anyway, but this still is an issue sometimes!
  • I’m a person who spends about 12 hours on the school campus during the semester.. and I don’t even live there. So, I have to make stuff that I can prep into one or two containers and re-heat on the go. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, protein shakes, etc..!
  • I can’t meal prep anything that can’t be easily prepped or microwaved.
  • I dislike meal prepping stuff with meat in it because it expires within just a few days and I’m forced to cook again later in the day
  • I hate the idea of freezing a container of meal prepped food. Freezing cooked stuff is just.. icky

3. Tracking macros… nah

I used to put my meals in a tracker-app (and paid for a useless year subscription) but that became soooo time consuming when I started to cook more stuff from scratch.

Also.. I’m super forgetful

4. When it rains.. it.. stops me from wanting to workout


Stuff seems to constantly pop-up that prevents me from feeling the motivation to workout..

  • Someone is using the equipment I want to use in the gym. Now what??
  • Bad weather. I’d rather go home.. and I hate working out at home. Especially anything that could make me disturb the people who live below me.
  • I have a migraine.. heh
  • I spent so much time studying that I don’t really have time to do a workout. I mean.. I know I could do HIIT or something but.. well that’s actually a point I’m gonna get to.

5. Using pre-made workout plans

  • If I’m going to workout, then I should know what exactly I want to do. With that being said.. I usually don’t. I mean, according to the internets, you should have a plan to workout very specific muscles (Monday triceps, Tuesday shoulders, Wednesday jaw, Thursday pinkies..) and that means that I need to know exactly what workout moves work what muscles for me to even be able to WRITE up a workout plan.. Right?
  • Due to the above mentioned statements.. I sometimes hate writing up workout plans, but I also don’t like using pre-made ones! I almost always have to tweak them to fit me and then I’m instantly concerned that I’ve rendered the entire workout useless.
  • In the past, I’ve paid like $70 bucks for a workout plan with these (all equipment based) workouts and like I didn’t even know how to do a bunch of them! So I didn’t!


Figuring out why I even want to be fit can sometimes be a chore

Oh my gosh.. should I plan a leg workout? Arms? Abs? Tris? Bis? Quads? Some other super specific random muscle….???
Some days I want to have this sexy athletic body that will attract a man with a perfect personality and the same kind of body as me.. some days I want people to walk up to me and ask me if I workout… and some days I just want to be skinny like a model. But on most days I just want my bloat to go down and a wardrobe that fits my wonderfully curvy body in a more flattering manner.
I mean, truly, I would say that my goal is to look nice, have a bit less fat on my stomach and legs, tone my arms, and really I just want to have more endurance. I want to be able to push through a pretty intense workout and I’d also like to be able to run farther distances on trail like terrain. It would be wonderful to have a bit of abs too. When I do find Mr. Right, I want us to be able to workout together. Its a big deal for me. Consistency would be pretty sweet too, but I guess now we’re going into my uhm.. personal discipline issues..

I’m lazy with it!
I’m already just recently finding my love for fitness, so I need a little extra motivation anyway and when I have all of these questions.. man.. it’s not hard.

I know it’s just me.

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