Could I be planning “too soon”

IMG_0142This isn’t my first time moving. In fact, the last time I moved, I planned it for about a year. But sometimes I wonder if it’s strange or even wrong that I am planning a move that is about 2 years away. Do people do that?

The thing about this move is that I’ve been anticipating it for 13 consistent years now. For 13 years I have not only stated, but known that I wanted to move to Japan. Now, with only about a year and a half left until I graduate from university, I am ready to plan this move. Part of my reasoning is that my time in college has been flying by since I’ve become more busy with work and this move is so important to me.. I want to be as prepared as I can be, considering that I can only prepare myself for so much.

It’s not like, as of now, two years away, I’m picking out apartments. Right now, I’m considering prefectures I want to move to, universities/career paths I’d like to pursue, and the potential costs that I should begin saving for. Once things are only 1 year away, I will begin to look deeper into locations, schools, visas, and money. And of course as time winds down, I will add more depth to my plan to move.

But sometimes I find myself wondering if I’m strange for, among many other things, preparing for a move two years ahead of time. Regardless, too early or not, I’m not going to stop.

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