Unpublished posts and a potential integration


Would it make my blog become too “cluttered” or “random” if I were to integrate my language blog into it too? I mean, this blog is the “life blog” and my other blog was the “language blog”, but I just feel like it’s too much work to keep up with them both. Either way.. I’m probably going to move my language blog here. While I’m at it, I may also use this blog for my posts that are written in solely in Japanese too. I wonder if there’s a way to keep my blog neat and organized with all of that going on…

Anyway, I enjoy the layout of WordPress better and I’d prefer to just work here.

Also, I’ve got some posts that I’ve been working on here that I plan to publish.

I’ve been working on several projects and sort of disappeared recently (family trip) and left my work unfinished.

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