Declutter Update #2

I’m making so much progress with my journey to minimalism. I actually thought that this would be a lot more difficult, but I guess when the timing is right, things will usually just fall into place. I’ve managed to get rid of a TON of junk and trinkets, about 45% of my paper waste, and maybe 25% of my unused clothes. I’ve  also re-organized my kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. My place is almost looking like an entirely different apartment and I needed the changes. This is my last full year of university and a little switch up matches my attitude this semester. (A post I may write later today). 

Staying on topic, I wanted to mention an important thing I’ve learned from my journey: make use of everything you have. This has been a critical part to my ability to downsize. I’ve found that, as I get rid of things, I am feeling the need to replace these things or even purchase things to compliment what I have (i.e. more storage), but the problem is that I don’t have/want to spend the money. So, I’ve found that if I thought outside of the box and put my handy organization skills (aka stuff I find on Pinterest) to use, I can actually get quite a lot done. I’ve managed to talk myself out of over $100 in purchases by taking a moment to see how I can maximize my usage of what I have. And I’ve allowed this mindset to spill over into my general life. Before I go make a purchase for groceries, school, work, my hair, etc… I just think of some way that I can use what I have up. This is saving me money and SPACE (which helps me to remain minimal :))

I’m enjoying this journey so far, not because it’s “easy” but because one thing I love is to gain insight and wisdom on ways to make my life more peaceful.

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