Picking one “thing” and sticking to it

Oh gosh. Now this has been hard for me.

Let me start off by listing off all of the things I want to do/be:

  • Sew
  • Crochet
  • Blogger
  • Vlogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Author
  • Nutritionist
  • Public speaker
  • Athlete
  • Personal trainer
  • Cartoonist
  • Videographer (producer of a short film)
  • Amateur photographer
  • Nail artist
  • Translator
  • Jewelry maker
  • Painter

So, I THINK that’s all of them. There could actually be MORE! I’ve just got all of these ideas in my head that I want to fulfill. So many skills that I want to take up. I’ve got these huge dreams for myself and I just want to take them all on head-first.

Unfortunately for me… I’ve come to the realization that it would be best for me to pick one, or maybe just a couple, of the things on this list and work on improving those skills first. For one, I am only one woman and trying to take on all of these skills at once is just too much. Another thing is that for some of these, I’m okay with just knowing the basics. Painting and graphic design are examples of these. Those are just curious hobbies. Translating, sewing, nail artistry, and nutrition are all things that I want to be more than just “good at”. I want to be able to make note-worthy contributions with my skills in these fields. So, it’s important that I take time to patiently improve my overall skill set with these. I hate the idea of just picking one or two things because I worry that life is too short. I’ve since come to the conclusion that yes, life is too short. Too short to not test each one out. See if I like it. Play around. But if I want to develop these skills into long-term, well rounded, talents I will need to nurture them individually and I can only do that for so many at a time without neglecting another.

These are just my thoughts on it though.

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