Some new projects

I’ve realized that it’s time that I narrow down my long list of things I want to do to just a few things that I should improve right now. I actually wrote an entire entry about this, but I haven’t posted it because I haven’t proof red it yet.

Anyway, I’ve got some new projects that I’m planning to begin soon! 

Project 1: Prep for the JLPT N2

So, as of now I do believe that this will be my most difficult project to complete. It’s also the only “project” that I’m starting soon that will last a minimum of 12 months. I’ve been scouting out future universities to attend for my masters and I realized that many of them will require me to have taken and passed the JLPT 1 or 2. I’ve also heard of some companies requiring this certification. I know that I don’t and won’t have the money to pay for language school and I’ve also been wanting to dramatically improve my Japanese for a while now. In fact, the only reason I haven’t taken the N2 exam already is because I made an excuse about how I’d never use formal Japanese in America so that I wouldn’t study for it.

Project 2: Complete a 30 day language challenge

I’ve found a list of topics that I’d like to talk about in Japanese. The list I found was actually for a 30 day blogging challenge, but I think it applies very nicely here! I’ll be completing the challenge on HelloTalk, where my mistakes can be noted and corrected. I will also be posting the entries here… In fact, I’m slowly coming back around to my old idea that I want to add my language blog onto this blog- so that I only have to keep up with one.


Project 3: “Clean up” and decorate my blog and vlog channel

This is probably a really geeky idea, but I’ve always looked at the internet as a virtual world. 😅😅 Seriously! I feel like there’s different neighborhoods, sometimes you pass through others to get to your own. You can get lost on the internet, harassed, and everything else. It’s literally like a simulated world. Sooooo… I believe that we have our own residences on the internet. These residential places can also serve as business locations depending on the person. And you want your residence to look very nice, cozy, and decorated, right? Well, I sure do. So I want to add a bit of sparkle to my internet homes. I’m looking to use the photos from project 4 and a typography app I have to make some cool pictures. I also want to make some banners and I’ve already downloaded some extensions that allow me to use emojis and cartoons here. I have also created an official intro and outro for my YouTube videos.

Project 4: Take 100 “basic” photo’s and create a “stock photo” web album

This is an idea that I heard a girl on YouTube say that she was doing with her mom. I thought about all of the times that I wanted to make a blog post and wished that I had a photo to pair with it… like this post. I already wanted to find a place to hold my amateur photography pictures, so now I have more motivation to pick a spot.

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