What do I do when I want more stuff


So, my transition to a “minimalist” lifestyle has been very, very rewarding. Cleaning up only takes me about 10 minutes, I don’t miss ANY of the junk I got rid of (in fact, I can see myself getting rid of MORE junk I don’t touch), and I believe that I’ve saved money because I now think really long and hard before I bring something new into my home. I also really like to think of ways to make use of everything I already have. I was already doing this with food to save money and reduce waste and making this a part of my normal decision making has been so wonderful.


Now, I sort of want some stuff.

I’m proud to say, I talked myself off of the ledge of buying more useless clothing and hair products. However, I have been wanting more makeup and make up brushes, I’ve been seriously thinkng about decorating my living room and bedroom more, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my phone and getting a new phone case, and I’ve decided that next year I will invest more time into my hobby- crafting. With that, I’ve been thinking of which specific craft I want to improve (I’m torn between sewing, jewelry making, and nail art) and then I am thinking of exactly what items I will need to purchase. Of course, these items will require storage space too..

I don’t know, I just feel like I think a little TOO hard these days about making purchases. Then again, is there even a such thing? Especially considering that 2018 is the year that I am supposed to be completing a second round of down-sizing because I am making my big move early to mid 2019.

I’ll probably do a bit of Google’ing on the topic before I buy anything… I think. But I sure do want to figure this thing out. I really, REALLY enjoy how non-cluttered my life has become since I downsized and I have no desire to live in a big mess like that again. At the same time, I don’t know how to handle my desires.

4 thoughts on “What do I do when I want more stuff”

  1. Hi Bear 🙂 I’ve had a similar phase too. I love gardening and growing chilli plants and others. Gardening can require space and “stuff” and things could easily go overboard if I get carried away. I still have the minimalist approach to think before buying something or bringing something into my life. Do I really need it? Does it being me joy? Or will it just end up collecting dust somewhere?!
    I think that minimalism is getting rid of stuff, but also keeping what brings something positive in your life. A hobby is a good thing. Why would you restrict yourself from having a healthy hobby? Perhaps you can choose one that does not require huge amounts of space, or find a system to organise your crafts so that they don’t take over your house 😉 and… enjoy the hobby!
    One trick I found useful is assigning a space, a certain amount of space, to that hobby. For example: all my gardening supplies, empty pots, labels etc… take 1 box. The plants go in a few spots of the house. I know that if and when I feel like buying more stuff, in my mind I know it is better that gardening stuff doesn’t overflow from that box, let’s say. I still enjoy my hobby and I have enough supplies to do everything I want to do. So I can still enjoy my hobby, with a somewhat minimalist approach to it.
    This is just an example… There’s no universal rule, of course. Find the balance that is works for you and makes you feel good 🙂
    Good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  2. I think it’s totally OK to purchase things as a minimalist. Some things still bring us (long-term) joy, while others make life easier or even better. If you are passionate about something, don’t deprive yourself of the happiness it could bring to you by not buying essential tools. Whenever I’m struggling to decide whether it’s just an impulsive desire or a real need, I put it on a list and try to go on without buying it. When I’m regularly missing it and still thinking regularly about this item after 30 days, I’m going to buy it. By using this method, I have saved a lot of money and space – you’ll br surprised how many cravings will disappear after a few hours or days 🙂

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