Blogging with a purpose

I really enjoy my little blog and what it is becoming. Sometimes, I remind myself of this when I get anxious and start to question why I have a blog and whether or not to keep it. It’s so easy to quit doing something that you don’t feel secure in and I refuse to let that be the case with this blog.

At the same time, I think I can use those emotions to positively fuel my energy being directed into only what is it that I know I want to do right now. I’m not entirely sure that I want to be on YouTube, Facebook, or even Instagram, so I tend to go on and off of using those platforms, despite that I don’t even have bad intentions for them. I just don’t know how doing them makes me feel. When I made this blog, I literally sat down and wrote out a plan. I even made rules for myself. I haven’t been that clear with the others and I just don’t think I want to keep up with them. I think I want to just stick with blogging and that’s okay.

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