The JLPT 日本語能力試験


So, this will officially be my first post about a new beast that I have decided to take down. For over a month now, I have been searching the internet, gathering information to create a plan for this exam. I need to pass the level 1 exam to enter the university that I am currently set on getting into. More importantly, I need to increase my Japanese to N1 level because it’s time that I do. I use Japanese in my daily life, from my thoughts, to my conversations with friends. I am tired of the way my Japanese sounds right now and I am determined to improve it.

At the current moment, I’m a bit stuck. I’m in a strange place, between being overloaded with information and deprived from good sources. I guess my issue is that I am looking for a specific plan. Study this, this, and that. Use this, this, and that. Oh, and here’s a schedule. Unfortunately, I have not quite come across that yet and I don’t plan on cramming for the exam 3 months from the time to take it.

I don’t really know what to do. I’ve come up with some concepts, purchased and downloaded plenty of textbooks and drill books. I don’t know if I should take it one book at a time, focus on one more than the other, but more than one at a time… I don’t know. And people keep mentioning that I need to begin reading more. Reading in Japanese is so hard for me because it takes so long… which is exactly why I need to do it. I know many people seem to suggest that I try reading things that interest me. Perhaps I just need to actually start and then once the ball is rolling, I can really dig into this preparation.

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