A strategic attack

bloganimated2So I spent about 3 weeks contemplating how I was going to approach my studies for the JLPT N2 and I only ended up tiring myself out so bad that I couldn’t actually get anything done. I tried again and again to just open my grammar book and just learn something, but I would get intimidated. I would read an article on NHK and feel like I wasted time and contemplate if I should study the new vocabulary. I would look at my kanji workbook and just say no. I was going in a circle that was leading nowhere. So I decided to shift my focus to my weak and strong points. I ranked grammar, kanji, vocabulary, and reading from weakest to strongest and I was able to isolate my common denominator. It’s vocabulary! I tend to be able to figure out most other things in Japanese by context and I remember kanji more often when I know the meaning. So there it was, a starting point. I texted a friend of mine and asked her if she would join me in a challenge to kickstart my upcoming progress and she agreed! So, the challenge is to simply learn 200 new vocabulary this month. My words are coming from nihongo sou matome n2 kanji and n3 vocabulary book. Each week, I will chose 25 or 26 words from each book and I will make an effort to learn (not memorize) the new words.


Today was day one and so far I think my strategy will be something like this every week for 4 weeks:

Monday – Write down the first 25 or 26 words (Kanji – Hiragana – English) and create a quizlet deck. The set up of each card is Kanji and Hiragana on one side and English on the other. Because the focus of this session is to learn words and not necessarily memorize Kanji readings.


Tuesday – Repeat with second set of 25 or 26

Wednesday – Play quizlet games for about 25 minutes to review, then test my knowledge by using the flashcard feature and marking the cards I have the hardest time memorizing

Thursday – I’m not exactly sure of what I want to do yet. I may just write all 50 words or play quizlet games

Friday – Use the test feature on quizlet to study all 50 words, then review the words I am still struggling to memorize

Saturday – Play quizlet games for 30 minutes

Sunday – Take a final quizlet test and mark the words I still can not remember. Write example sentences that use the words that are hard for me to remember and look for a creative memorization technique. Write a short progress report for myself.

At the end of the 4 weeks, I may take a quizlet test on all 200 words, but I’m not sure. I am also not sure yet if I will put all 200 into one deck or if I will only make decks of 50. I’m winging it here. I have some other goals but I think I should start off slow and integrate my other goals in as I learn to juggle them all.

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