Taking a few steps back

IMG_0926 So I made a decision. Sort of…

I mean, I did make a decision for now. I decided that I am going to take a break from work. I had been contemplating this for a while, but I had told myself that I wouldn’t do it until I had gone through my budget for the rest of the year. For whatever reason… I just never got around to that. It seemed like little bits of my life were falling off and crumbling to pieces… but recently, I’ve found that God is stripping away things that hold me back from fulfilling my purpose.

So in a moment of pure anxiety, on the edge of my seat, the beginning of an anxiety attack… I asked for a few months off. My request was granted, which was bitter sweet. The pros are that I will have more time to rest, to grow as a person, figure some things out, spend time with God, and clean my home. And penny pinching is what I NEED right now because I’ve somewhat doubled back on my minimalism and it shows in my home.

I’m excited though. Thank you Jesus.

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