My “other” downsizing project


I don’t know how many times I’m going to delete my social medias, only to end up coming back for some silly, self-gratifying reason. Hopefully this time will be the last.

I mean, that’s what social media is supposed to do, right? Hook you in by rubbing on your ego and making you feel like a million dollars, only to later remind you that you aren’t even a million pennies…?

This is yet another one of my familiar mountains that I tend to go in circles with. A lot of the time, my excuse for coming and going on social media is that I need it as a means to “keep up with” friends… or something of that nature, but I’m always reminded of how social media does nothing but drain me of my valuable time and brain power. I’ve been a firm believer for a long time that social media negatively impacts my perception of myself and others, but I’m always enticed by the idea of “letting my friends know” what I’m up to. As if I am still so naive to think that all of my “followers” are my friends.

It’s enough I struggle with how much time I tend to spend on YouTube watching videos of little to no value. There’s no need to throw an extra social media wrench into the mixture, ey? And I’ve been allowing the thought to float around in my mind for a good while. It’s not even like I’m saying that I’m going to just disappear from the internets all together…! I’m willing to keep at least 2 forms of social media contact open, but they will be 2 where I have the most control over what I am regularly seeing.


I’m not the slightest bit concerned with what other people are doing and I’m not exposed to their opinions when I get off of social media. I don’t care what other women are doing to their hair and nails, who’s the most attractive man or woman on the internet, the latest diet or body trend, or anything else like that! Yet, after 30 minutes of mindless scrolling, I’m so tangled up in what everyone else thinks that I can’t remember what I’d been thinking of for the entire week. Every time I log into social media, it grabs me by my baby hairs and plugs me right on in to the rest of the world, whether I want it to or not.


Sometime soon, I will randomly get rid of at least one of my useless social media accounts. I feel like I’m slowly going back under my hermit shell again, but I’m not. I just know that I’ve got to protect my peace if I want to keep it. Besides that, I’ve had so many changes go on in my life and I’m realizing that I’m better of when I am extremely selective about who or what I let into my world. I’m not cutting off everyone, but I am taking a moment to work on self-care. Plus, if I’m going to take the summer (and possibly longer) off, then I want to be careful about allowing people or things into my space that can cause me to not enjoy my break.

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