Last post about gardening


I mean, I guess it’s  good to say that I tried, right?

Welp, it’s been a little bit since I’ve written anything here. I had been an emotional mess and it (unfortunately?) affected my gardening life. And by affected, I mean I think I learned that gardening is something that I admire, but don’t actually like to do. I was watering my new plants and I was so excited by them, but within a couple of weeks, my excitement for them withered. It quickly became a chore to have to water them, especially since a couple of them had died or gotten scorched in the sun. I started to question myself as a plant mom and before I knew it, I had put all of my pots in a trash bag and thrown them away.

Life had suddenly turned into a roller coaster on me over the last few weeks and, as per usual, something drastic ended up happening during that period. I finally feel like I’m able to function again and it’s always awkward to look back at how much of a mess I’d become.

Anyway, the semester is officially over and my summer has officially begun. I’ve got so many things I want to do. Get into a morning routine, come up with a skin care and hair regimen, keep up with my manicures… etc… And writing more often.

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