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“Water only what waters you” is how the saying goes. “What you allow is what will continue” says another. It all boils down to the same thing, don’t give all of your energy to people and things that drain you. Well, there’s another half to that solution for one-way relationships and I learned that the other half is to divest.What I mean by that is, not only should you stop putting any more of yourself into the relationship, but you need to take as much as you can back AND invest it somewhere that will immediately start to replenish you.

If you’re finding yourself putting fourth effort to communicate with someone and they don’t want to reciprocate, dwindle your effort down to (or less than) theirs AND start using that time and energy for something else like getting more rest, reading more books, getting to know someone new, or even just enjoying serenity. If someone has been making you feel worthless and unworthy of love, stop giving them your attention and start giving that attention to yourself. Treat yourself more, invest in your passions, and improve in your hobbies. People always say, if you hate your job, quit it. But don’t just stop there! Quit the job and start to do what you want to do! Or start to do something that puts you in a position to do what you want, in a reasonable amount of time.

Don’t allow yourself to wither away just to please another person, run away from a fear, or prove a silly point to yourself or anyone else. Don’t hold onto toxic, one-way relationships just because you’re afraid to let go. There are new, beautiful friendships to be made, a world to be explored, and careers to thrive in out in the world. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching them.

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