Final Downsize Part 1

In just a little more than a year, I’m planning to move with only 2 suitcases, a backpack, and a purse. It sounds like it isn’t much, but I really don’t own very many belongings anymore anyway. In fact, no matter where I move to next, I don’t want to take many of the items that I own now. It’s not just because want to start fresh, but also I don’t even own very many valuable items. As a college student, I own a lot of used, junky things that I make work for the time being. My stuff wouldn’t even survive a move without being broken to pieces. I also still own some things that provoke old, unhappy memories. Either way, I don’t know that I’ll have too many opportunities to let go of old baggage and start almost completely fresh, so I’m not letting this one slip through my fingers.

I decided that the first part of my “official” downsize will be in November. My plan is to just get rid of things that I don’t use or don’t really want. It’s really going to be like my downsize journeys in the past, except that part of my motivation is to get rid of things that I don’t plan to take with me- which will add a new dynamic to the way that I decide what to keep. The awesome thing for me is that I’ve already reduced my belongings significantly, so this downsize won’t be like the huge ones in the past. I’ll mostly be clearing my space of some sentimental items, books, and a few trinkets. Around summer time of next year, I will get rid of a lot more. Then, about a month before my move, I’ll get rid of anything that I am not taking with me, and can live without having for at least a month. (i.e. living room furniture and some kitchen items) Finally, the day (or week) before I move, I should only have to get rid of my bedroom furniture and kitchen appliances. Everything else that I am taking should be packed and ready to go.

I have been really excited since I set a time for my first “final” downsize because it feels like the ball is officially rolling! Not to mention how fast September has come and gone. At one point this year, I had began to feel ultimately stuck and as if I wasn’t going anywhere. But now, I feel more free and capable than ever before.


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