Will I ever be fashionable?

I can write a paper, paint a portrait, and address/analyse issues on a microscopic (or even atomic) level. Yet, putting together a cute outfit is like rocket science to me. In fact, I could probably learn rocket science before I learn to be fashionable.

A week or two ago, I wrote a post about how I was considering thrifting my clothes this year. Well, a huge deterrent has been the fact that I struggle to put together cute outfits, unless you count throwing a bunch of all black clothes together. I didn’t want to walk into the store and come out with a bunch of junk. I also didn’t want to waste my time thrifting if I couldn’t put together outfits. So that went out of the window. Instead, I’ll probably just bargain shop.

But back to the main topic and issue, I completely lack fashion skills. For one, I don’t really know what fashion is, so I kinda just base it off what everyone else thinks. That doesn’t usually work for me though because I avoid public spaces where other people can judge what I’m doing/wearing. Recently though, I have began picking clothes based on what tends to flatter my shape, but I don’t know that I’m being “fashionable” or that I can keep up with “fashion” these days… especially with how risque today’s fashionable garments are. I’m the type who prefers to cover up.

So for now, I’ll just keep on buying everything in black, that way at least I’m always matching.

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