Falling of the Leaves


The leaves have started to fall
The ground is covered in old, dead, yet still beatiful leaves
The trees have shed their old leaves
They stand bare, prepared to persevere
The weather conditions will become harsh
Cold and dark, yet life will go on
The trees need to survive this difficult time
They need to come back for spring
They are important to this world
And they know it
They know that the natural change of seasons will come
They know that survival is key
So they do what they must to persevere
The trees do not weap for the fallen leaves
They do not attempt to reconnect with them when the spring comes
The Earth continues to turn and orbit
The spring will come
The trees will survive and grow new leaves
They’ll even bloom beautiful flowers
Their will be fruit of their struggles
Their contribution to the Earth continues to be fulfilled
Oh how we could learn from the trees
We could learn from the shedding of leaves
We could learn to appreciate the trees
We could learn to be more like them
We could take the perseverance of the trees as an intentional example to us
Of our value to this world
Of our ability to endure the tough conditions that naturally occur
Of the natural falling of the leaves

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