Two Things I Should Start Planning

Gosh, October has come to a close just as quickly as September did… maybe quicker. Since I decided to concentrate more of my energy into only things that make me happy, the weeks and days just fly by. Since the end of the year is coming around, that means I’m running out of precious time to plan two big events.

First is my birthday. I really need to start celebrating my birthday. It’s a blessing to have survived another year, especially if I’m in one piece and I’ve gone forward in my life. I believe that my birthday isn’t important enough to me and I want to change that. I said I would celebrate my 25th birthday, but I didn’t. Well, that won’t be the case for my next birthday. I know I don’t want to do anything that’s going to cost me a ton of money, but I don’t want to do anything that leaves me feeling like it was just another day. Soooooo I’ve got to start brainstorming early!

Second is my graduation and going away party. I have actually been struggling to accept the fact that I’m this close to graduating and leaving. My party needs to be special and shared with people that I love and care about, but unfortunately for me, they’re all spread out. Not to mention, I’m having a winter graduation… which means a nice family picnic is out of the question. It certainly doesn’t help that I am just not that great at planning events. In fact, I try to avoid events altogether. lol

These are two very important days of 2019 for me and I feel like it’s not too soon for me to start thinking about how I want to celebrate them. I’m guessing pinterest will be my go-to, but do you (the person reading this) have any tips?

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