Bye Bye Capsule Wardrobe

Bitmoji ImageIf there’s one minimalist habit that it certainly not coming with me into 2019, it’s the capsule wardrobe.

Perhaps my approach to the capsule wardrobe was all wrong? I purchased a limited amount of clothing and every few months I would (have no choice but to) replace them. I rotated the pieces to make a variety of outfits and to avoid wearing them out too fast. That’s how you do “the capsule wardrobe” right…?

Owning a capsule wardrobe did have some positive outcomes too. For one, it satisfied my desire to own very little. It was easy to organize my closet and it forced me to only shop for clothes that I knew would fit me well and would match with things I already owned.Again, maybe I went about it all wrong but having a capsule wardrobe was a costly mistake. While there are many benefits to owning a smaller amount of clothes, there are honestly just as many setbacks. Owning a capsule wardrobe actually costed me more money up front, which doesn’t fit my current financial lifestyle at all. Wearing the same clothes again and again didn’t result in minor rips, tears, and fading colors. Instead, I found myself reaching into my closet and pulling out clothes that looked like they’d been mauled. I mean, I’m somewhat exaggerating, but still… So from now on, I’ll just be purchasing clothes as often as I need them and can afford them. I won’t be filling up my closet or anything like that. I also will attempt thrifting more often, since I now know that it works well for me when purchasing everything except pants and jewelry.


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