The First Month | Moving Entry 1

It’s the beginning of month 1 out of 12 and I’m feeling optimistic. Since learning the value of rest, I’ve made sure to actually rest each time I get a chance to. So, I’ve spent the last month doing just that. Resting. I feel rejuvenated and… strange. The strange feeling is something I’ve felt for months now. I feel somewhat disconnected from everyone and unable to truly deeply connect with just about anyone. It’s been a blessing because I’ve redirected my energy towards myself (and I’ve made great progress), but also a curse because I feel like I’ve been a terrible, cold friend to those who should be getting my warmth.

Going into this month I’ve got a long to-do list. I’ve also got pages and pages of side-hustle brainstorming because I really want to create some sort of brand, business, and/or platform this year. I’d prefer something based around my creative interests. I have a feeling that the month will pass quickly and that I’ll be blessed abundantly by the end of it. I’m so curious about what’s in store for me over the next 12 months.

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