In Need of Motivation

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I’ve been slowly but surely making preparations for my upcoming graduation. Still, I sometimes can’t believe that it’s really about to happen for me. Despite my excitement, I’ve found my recent run-in’s with anxiety (and accepting that I actually suffer from it), along with minor set-backs/disappointments, to actually cause me to forget that at the end of this year- which is already passing quickly, I’ll have accomplished 2 of my life’s goals. I’ll be in a much better situation to finally start settling down. These thoughts should stimulate me and excite me, but instead they’re like ghosts to me. I can sometimes see them but I can’t touch them, so I sometimes doubt their existence.

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 1.49.34 PM
A screen shot of my desktop countdown calendar.

Initially, I thought that making a vision board would help with my issue. In fact, I still sort of do. The problem is that a lack of funding has halted me from making a physical vision board. So I’m still thinking of ways to motivate myself these days. Daily gratitude, prayer, and things like that help. However, I need more. I feel as if, the closer I get to my goal, the more things are being thrown in my face to distract me. I need something that I can see and touch that will serve as a little reminder that I won’t be stuck here forever.

I guess I’d better head over to Pinterest and start searching.

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