5 Good Questions | Part 2

Question 2: What is your ninety-second personal elevator speech?

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So, I’m continuing on from my last post about a tinybuddha article that has really given me some important things to meditate on. The second question actually caught me by surprise because this article focused on gaining a better sense of my life’s purpose, yet here I am being posed an interview question. I honestly skipped it each time I’ve come  back to read the article and I’ve contemplated skipping it here too. Then I started to think, perhaps that’s exactly why I should be paying attention. I tend to disregard things that are sometimes very important just because of the way I came across them.

The author suggests approaching this question as if it were a friend or a first date and also asks “How would you describe yourself so that the person asking the question would truly understand who you are and what is important to you?

Well, I guess I’d start with my name. Hello, my name is Courtney! Then… well, it’s tough. I consider myself to be someone quite complex and difficult to understand. This could be because I don’t fully understand myself, yet?

My name is Courtney and I love cats, Japan, crafts, being my own person, and the idea of unconditional love (from people). I care about health. My own health as well as the health of others. I love Jesus and I constantly strive, and fail, to be a better person every day. I love sharing my love for Jesus and my walk with Him with other people and hearing how they relate. People who make me feel safe, secure, and cared for tend to be my favorites. I don’t believe in soulmates, though I often feel that life is a journey to find your other half. Sometimes I can be up and down, but I think it’s more important to accept me for my faults, than to try to understand me. I enjoy learning new things and seeing beautiful sights.

I think that’s the best I can come up with. I mean, it’s tough. If I only had 90 seconds to tell someone that I want to form a relationship with me about me… Gosh, realistically… I’d probably say something like “I’m not who you think I am and I’m probably not who you’re looking for, so don’t waste your time.” It sounds bad. I know. So my question is… what does this mean for me? Just like my last question… I feel that something has been unveiled, but I’m unable to interpret it. How frustrating! Maybe I’ll bring these questions up to my therapist…

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