5 Good Questions | Part 5

The final question that this article asks was my second favorite question because it forced me to really dig deep into my feelings.

5. If money were no object, how would you live your life differently?

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First, I thought about this- how does money being so important effect the way that I live life now? Do I enjoy where I work? My relationships with people? Where I live? All of these things, plus more, are directly impacted by my net worth and I never really thought about how different things would be if I had more money.

Work & School

If money weren’t an object, I would definitely continue working at my current job. Perhaps, I’d work it from a slightly different perspective though. I actually do enjoy my job and I do feel somewhat fulfilled when I do it. After recently talking to my supervisor about how I wish I had a more administrative-styled position, I have been offered to actually take up exactly the kind of position that I was interested in. In fact, since I got a second job to make up for the money I’m not making at work, I’ve been far less stressed about my job and I’ve been able to enjoy what I do because I’m not so concerned about whether I’ve done enough to make the money I need for the week.

What would change though is that I would never work more than 30-32 hours per week. I would probably have more than 1 kind of job (i.e. I’d be a Japanese teacher part time and still keep my current part time job) and I would have the option to work or take extended outdoor breaks.

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As far as school is concerned, I would’ve certainly attended a different university. Not one that is more expensive, but one that I’d actually enjoy going to a lot more. Perhaps even one smaller and quieter. My current enrollment at university was influenced by where I could afford to go (living expenses, proximity to the university, etc…).

Home Life

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If money were no object, I’d have a chef prepare my meals for me in advanced. The only part of my nutritional health that I’d worry about are my snacks and actually heating up the prepared meals in the oven. I would certainly live somewhere else. Perhaps some place with a nicer view, quiet, away from kids and main roads, and most likely with a roommate- just not the roommate I have now. If money were no object, I think my wardrobe would be about the same as it is now though. Lol! Fairly tiny. I’d also make more time in my week for exercise, prayer, and meditation. Also, I’d be living in Japan already, with my pet cat.

Social Life

If money were no object, I’d do more exciting things with my friends, like travel. One of the reasons that I hardly spend time with my friends is the fact that I don’t have the energy. By the end of a long week, I might have it in me to hang out with one or two people- even then, I have to make time to prepare for the upcoming week. I think my friend circle would be the same though. I’d keep up with my international friends a lot better too.



If money were no object, I’d certainly be a little different- I think. I’d make more time for self-care for sure, including exercise, hair care, and mani/pedi. I’d invest in using more quality products for my hair, skin, and nails and I’d probably eat a lot more locally-grown produce. I think I’d also spend a little more time in therapy or studying self-help techniques. Oh! And I would spend far more time on my hobbies! I would study Japanese way more- even hire a private tutor, I’d sew and crochet, and I’d definitely paint more often.

Overall, I’m actually really proud of my answers to this question. If I’d thought about this a year or two ago, I think this list would be so much longer! I’ve really been trying my best to enjoy my life as much as possible, in my current circumstances. Sure, there are some aspects of my life that have been limited due to my finances, but I actually don’t think I’m doing too bad.

i guess

These questions certainly gave me some perspective on which areas of my life could use some immediate improving, which ones I should keep my eyes on, and which parts of my life are already bringing me joy. I’m really glad I took the time to write out my feelings here and I’m hoping that having this sense of direction will do some good!

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