I’m An INFJ… Now What?


Today is Resurrection Day and I am so blessed to be feeling well. A few weeks ago, I was in a Tiny Buddha forum and someone mentioned the INFJ personality. I have heard of people using personality acronyms, especially in the online dating community, but I never felt the need to look into it. Similarly to astrology and horoscopes, I just don’t like to rely on these kinds of things to tell me who I am. However, when I read about the INFJ personality type and its origins, I gained quite a bit of clarity and direction.

INFJ is one of the The Myers–Briggs Type Indicators. It stands for introversion, intuition, feeling, and judgement. I read more about what exactly a person with the INFJ personality type is like and I felt as if I was reading an exact description of myself. Now, I have not taking the Myers-Briggs personality test and I’m not exactly familiar with the other 15 types, so it could be that they’re all relateable, but this one honestly feels as if it fits me perfectly.

I am an introvert, but I study people and I know how to adapt (when I want to) to fit into any crowd and make friends. For this reason, some people would say I’m an extrovert, though I know I am not. I only care to have a couple of close, intimate relationships with people and I don’t put nearly as much weight into relationships that I don’t regard as deep and intimate. When relationships appear toxic or to bear no fruit, I quickly uproot them from my life and I don’t allow them to be replanted. Despite that I may seem withdrawn, I care deeply for people (sometimes to my detriment) and I always call myself an “aspiring philanthropist” because I am fostering a love for humanity, despite its evil nature, and I want to fulfill my ultimate purpose- which I know is to somehow better the world. Even if it’s just in a small community.

The more I read about the INFJ personality, the more I feel that I’ve learned to understand some parts of myself and the direction I may be headed in. I don’t want to lean too hard into this new understanding of myself, but I do want to take this knowledge and use it as much as I can to progress in my life.

Give no energy to the people who watch and judge you from the sidelines. They are watching you because you are doing somethi (1).png

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