Hindsight : A Look Back At My First 3 Posts (Part 1)


My first post on this blog was nearly 2 years ago and I thought it’d be nice to see where life has taken me and if I still feel the same way.

Post 1: Five Reasons I Want to Become A Minimalist

“I want to mention that my problem with attachment runs deep and it’s not limited to inanimate objects.”

I started this blog during the beginning of a season of change. I had a sense of direction and I felt compelled to change the way that I was living my life. Though the hype over minimalism was nothing new, I had just decided that it was a leap I wanted to take. For one, I knew that I was going to need to downsize before I moved in 2 years. I also got inspiration from a small YouTuber named Daneka. She was selling everything, packing the remaining things, and moving to another country- everything that I want to do. She mentioned that there was a table that had a lot of sentimental value because it reminded her of her father (he’d mistakenly shot the table while cleaning his gun), but she needed to get rid of it. Her reasoning for not keeping such a sentimental piece (not to mention that she was also moving out of the country) really stuck with me and sparked my decision to finally start getting rid of my junk.

I have my dad in my heart, in my mind, all the time, and I don’t need to see this table to remember him.

I gave 5 reasons for becoming a minimalist:

  1. Freedom
  2. I’m a naturally a cluttered person
  3. I was a hoarder
  4. I wanted to save money
  5. I am moving

How do I feel now, nearly 2 years later?

  • I definitely feel free- especially of sentimental items that really junk up a space. There are some sentimental things that I keep now, of course, but everything (old) isn’t sentimental. A birthday card or a shirt I wore as a kid… Those were the kinds of things I let go of.
  • I was a naturally cluttered person and I am SO proud to be writing that becoming a minimalist changed me! I am incredibly organized now and it is largely because I don’t keep junk around me!
  • I was definitely a hoarder and thank goodness that title no longer suits me.
  • Saving money… Well, I do think I save money with my new mindset, it’s just that I spend the money on something else unnecessary (that I will actually use, but didn’t need to buy so soon).

“I don’t yet know how, and I can only guestimate when (June 2019), but what I can promise you is that I won’t be taking all of my JUNK with me! In fact, my maximum is 3 checked suitcases, a carry on, and a personal item.”

  • I am still moving out of the country this year (6 months later than what I estimated 2 years ago) and I am still planning two major downsizes! 3 suitcases, a carry on, and a personal item are still the goal!

Bitmoji Image

Making the choice to take up minimalism was one of the greatest choices I’ve made. I discovered a side of myself that I never knew was possible and learning to let go of things did eventually translate into learning to let go of people. Journeying into minimalism was definitely tough in the beginning, but so worth it.

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