Hindsight : A Look Back At My First 3 Posts (Part 3)


For my last post in this series, I’m going to examine my 3rd post on this lovely blog of mine. The topic is one that is really crazy to me because, 2 years later, I’m actually about to have to act on the things that I wrote about.

Post 3: Could I be planning “too soon”

“Once things are only 1 year away, I will begin to look deeper into locations, schools, visas, and money. And of course as time winds down, I will add more depth to my plan to move.”

In this rather short blog entry, I question if my decision to move (and begin planning) was considered to be “too soon”. I’m asking myself this question because it was among the many things that I was up to that didn’t really align with what everyone was doing. I felt like I was never on the same path as everyone else and I was honestly questioning myself in ways beyond this move.

“But sometimes I find myself wondering if I’m strange for, among many other things…”

I think what was worrying me was exactly how much I could plan in advanced for a cross-country move with no real knowledge of how I was even going to make it happen. So, would I say that I was thinking too far ahead too soon? Absolutely not. For one, by setting it in stone so early, I’ve tailored my life around my long-term goal. I have intentionally avoided things such as clutter and people who might try to talk me out of moving.

Funny enough, I’m only about 8 months out from my move and I still don’t know what my living arrangements or working arrangements will be. So it’s never too early to start thinking about it because it’ll (technically) be too early to apply for anything until about 6+ months out, so it’s better to have a well thought out plan.

Like I said before, what’s crazy to me about this post is how the time has gone by. I went from wondering if I was crazy for wanting to plan things 2 years in advanced, to finally seeing the year that I am planning to move.

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