My “Post-Bucket List” Bucket list

Post BL BL.png

Very soon, I will have accomplished not one, but two of my life goals. I’ll have obtained a bachelors degree and moved to Japan in just a little more than 5 months. I’m fairly young, so this will be the first time in my life that I’ve actually reached a point like this in my life. It’s strange. I mean, what do you do once you’ve crossed off everything on your bucket list? I gave it some thought and decided that the best thing is to set new goals.

Enroll in Japanese Lessons

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I speak, read, and write Japanese fairly fluently. I’m 100% self-taught, which is something I’m proud of, but I really would love to take some lessons. Being self taught comes with pros and cons. Pros: you worked really hard for it, being proud of yourself, impressing others. Cons: you learn slower and you probably skipped a lot of important (but difficult) grammar and vocabulary.

One of the first things I want to do when I get to Japan is get a private tutor or enroll in Japanese classes.

Learn How to Cook

I know almost nothing about cooking. I don’t even really know the basics. It’s tragic and unacceptable and I don’t want to pass this onto my children. Most likely, I’ll learn how to prepare common Japanese foods, but I also just want to learn the do’s and don’t of cooking (besides the food safety/sanitation things that I learned in college). I’d love to join a class where we make bentos like Just Meat Ataru.

Travel Japan

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When I get to Japan, I would really like to experience some of it’s most interesting prefectures. I want to see the hidden gems, like waterfalls and beaches. I want to learn a bit of lingo from the different areas. I want to ride the bullet train many, many times. Here in America, I hardly ever travel. It’s expensive and I’m broke. In Japan, I’ll hopefully either have a well-paying job or I’ll be amazing at budgeting to make this goal come true.

Take Some Amazing Pictures

pics please

I have a camera and an iPhone and I’d really, really like to get into photography. These days, in particular, it’s been really hard. All of my time is dedicated to work, personal projects, or straight up distractions. When I visit the cool sights that I plan to see in Japan, I want to also be able to properly capture the moment in a photo.

Get a Pet Cat

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I love cats and I think that I’m finally in a place in my life where I could own a pet. I understand what it takes to become a pet owner and I’m much more empathetic to animals than I’ve ever been before. Having a pet in Japan should also make staying in Japan a lot more serious for me, as I do not want to have to move around with a pet.

Start a Family

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This was already on my list of life goals. When I go to Japan, my intention is to settle down. I’m often told that I’m “too young” to settle down and that I should divert more of my focus to my career. Yes, it’s better to try starting a family when my career is looking good, but I’m not a believer in “waiting for the right time”. I think “the right time” is that time that you do whatever it is that you’re wanting. How I’d go about starting a family, I don’t yet know, but something tells me I don’t even have to worry about that.

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