I’m Half-way There | 5 Month Update

5 (1).png

I’ve got 5 months left. Wow.

Summer has been going strong since it started. I went from unemployed with almost no money, to having several opportunities for employment and personal growth. My days as a teacher fly by, so I have to ask myself if maybe I’m enjoying work a little too much. It’s strange, even when the kids are “misbehaving“, I still don’t get very bothered. I take time to learn my students and understand what makes them behave and what makes them misbehave and I work around that. I do the same thing to teach them effectively. My biggest challenge has been trying to find a balance of getting the below-grade-level children to catch up and making my grade-level students feel challenged. I’m learning that a TA helps a lot with that goal too.

I couldn’t have ever imagined that this job would have come up for me, or that I’d enjoy being a teacher as much as I do. I hate saying that things are going too good because I want to believe that there are truly times where life gives you a break.

Packing hasn’t gone well at all. Nor has downsizing. I may just give up on it until closer to October. I’ve also got to spend more time putting in job applications, which has been so tough for me. At this moment, I work, I run a business, I manage my social life, and I have to take care of myself and my home. Sigh. Still, I can’t complain. I’d rather be where I am now than where I was just a few months ago.

Anyway, that’s all for this update. Life is good and time is flying. I am so curious to know what things I’ll be writing about for months 4 and 3.

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