Fast-forward | 4 Month Update

forward main.gifWell, August is sprinting to the half-way mark and I’m still at the start-line tying my shoe laces. This month began with many epiphanies and hearing from God, which is new. Not that I’ve never experienced an epiphany or heard from God, but it’s never been to this extent, nor this frequently. It truly feels as if I’m entering a new chapter.

something.gifA few months ago, I had an image of what right now might look like. I thought that maybe I wouldn’t have made any progress and that I’d be in shambles applying for jobs. Well, I’m sort of exactly there- sort of. I have made progress. I’ve officially started my business and advertising my services on and offline, I’ve stepped up my spiritual life and my faith, I’ve made new friends and acquaintances, and I actually (willingly) took an entire week off from working. I have even finally made a decision about grad school… and I’m definitely going!

I am in shambles when it comes to my anxiety about the job hunt though. It’s mostly just an anxiety thing.


Also, while I’m on the topic of anxiety, I am strongly considering reviewing this book. It has helped me tremendously with coping and managing- even overcoming some debilitating aspects of my anxiety.

So, we’ll see what life will be like when I do update 3!

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