Sensing My Purpose

Sensing My
I love to watch the Avengers movies. Although, believe it or not, I’m not a fan of heros. The villains are always cooler, ruthless, always willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission. They aren’t usually controlled by their emotions. They usually only “lose” because it’s the only way people would watch the movie. That’s why Infinity War is one of my favorites. But I’m not writing this to talk about my obsession with Megatron and Ronin the Accuser.

There’s a point in Infinity War that struck me the last time I watched it. Thanos’ ship had entered New York. People were frantic. Panicking. Little did they know, it was the beginning of the end.
In the midst of the panic, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, and Dr. Strange walk towards the issue. They don’t even know what they’re about to come up against- yet they’re prepared to face it.
I actually wanted to write about this a year ago. I wanted to be more like The Avengers. Specifically, the moment that Iron Man taps his suit and walks straight into battle.
Tony unknowingly walked right up to an opponent who would almost effortlessly defeat him. Why? Because he viewed himself as a hero- a winner. He had faith in his armor- his suit. He knew what he needed to do- his purpose.

Sensing My (1)

I asked myself last year; “how can I get to that place in life? Where I run towards my obstacles instead of away from them?” It was wishful thinking. I had no idea that within one year, I’d be suiting up. Right now, I’ve got a clear sense of my purpose and to fully accomplish it, I’ll need to run head first into the sea of struggles that I can see ahead of me.
Since the time that I originally conceived these thoughts, End Game has been released and it’s been revealed that the enemy won’t win. Now I’m preparing to run straight up to the army of my opponents, with the help of the Kingdom of God, knowing that The Word reveals the same ending for my journey too. 


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