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I wasn’t sure about whether or not I’d continue blogging here after graduation because of how many different things I had going on at once. It was like life was raining lemons and skittles in intervals, sending my mood on the worst blindfolded rollercoaster and making life nauseating. I didn’t seem to have any time to write anything here, nor did I have the desire. I started to question if this blog was even valuable to myself or to the rest of the world. I know, that’s some unnecessarily deep thinking over a little blog LOL.

I was just in a really strange place during the last couple of months of undergrad. I got a job offer that I never expected to get, I was finally moving out of my apartment, my endeavors as a Japanese teacher were picking up exponentially, and my debt had come up to my neck. So, naturally, I began to overthink everything.

Today, I sit and write this as a person who’s jobless, frustrated, and fed up. I feel like I was on this path, something like the road less traveled, and although it was difficult, I felt somewhat fulfilled. I jumped off of that path and onto the one that I’m currently on because that’s what graduation does to you. You’re about to be launched into the “real-world” and you want to pick the most stable (looking) landing space. I regret it.

So I’m back. I have decided that this blog is and will always be valuable to me. The reason I even created this blog was to document my journey for the young woman who will be/or is also in my shoes, and for my future self to look back on. My content will be similar, I think. Just an expression of my thoughts, ideas, and advice on topics that I feel confident speaking on. I might also post some pages here from the 2 books that I am currently writing and editing.

It feels good to be back~

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