Food Diary Day 1 | Fitness & Nutrition

FOODWoohoo! My first “food diary” entry here. I’ve actually never shared my eating habits with anyone… for many reasons.

So, for breakfast (around 10:30 – 11:00AM), I had a syntha-6 protein shake (mixed with water). It was the delicious, yet somehow low in sugar, Coldstone version. I told myself, “this will be your sweet treat for the day, so no other sweets!” It tasted great too. I have very… non-sensitive taste buds, so mildly sweet was enough. I forgot to take a picture of this one! So just imagine a chocolate protein shake in a red shaker-bottle. Also, I would’ve normally had some coffee too, but I was busy cooking.


For lunch (2PM), I tried a low-calorie recipe from Myfitnesspal. Parmesan Eggplant! Yum! I looooved it. The taste and texture was perfect. It was kind of strange eating just one serving though. I had to mentally prepare myself to believe it would be enough. I know that mental hunger is one of my biggest struggles.

For a snack(3PM), I had some berries (5) and a key lime Chobani cup. I also drank about 20oz of water, so I felt pretty full/not hungry.


For dinner, I had some delicious grilled chicken. It was seasoned with herbs and pepper. I made some honey garlic zucchini “noodles” to go with it and it was an amazing pair. Also… I forgot to take a picture! I gotta get better at making sure I snap photos. It holds me accountable. I wrapped up my day with a small mandarin orange and a caramel mocha Chobani cup, which I also forgot to snap a picture of. I’ll be finishing off my last 20oz of water tonight. I flavored it with an apple spice tea bag.

According to MFP, I’ll be down 10lbs by next month (5 weeks) if I keep this up. So, pray for me!

Note: I also exercised for 50 minutes and “burned approximately 300kcal but I am not factoring it into my overall kcal consumption because I do not want to overestimate my activity level.

Day 1: hips 48in waist 40in mood: ready to make a change!

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