Food Diary #2 |Fitness & Nutrition


I think I did a pretty good job today. Better than yesterday. After I wrote that post, I got some pretty bad news and I coped by binging on 2 pop-tarts and a handful of Sun Puffs. I’m grateful that that’s ALL I ate. I did force myself to sorrowfully log it into MyFitnessPal too… so hopefully there will be no more of that!

Today I didn’t exercise at all. Partially because of the weather and partially because I was honestly just depressed. I also skipped breakfast for the same reason.

My first meal was around 2PM. I prepared some berries, mixed veggies (mixed into pasta sauce and parmesan cheese), and a yogurt cup. I had water nearby and some leftover lemon tea (which had like 30 something grams of sugar in it! I’m so glad I didn’t drink it all). I actually was too full to finish the yogurt, so I put it back.

About an hour later, I toasted a hamburger bun, spread about 1tbsp of olive oil mayo onto it, and added some Thai chili spicy tuna (from a pack). It. was. amazing. I also had about a handful of Sun Puffs on the side. It’s funny because I actually hated those darn puffs and now I love them.

Fun fact, I almost forgot to take the picture, so I had to snap one after I already started eating…

About 2 hours later, I had dinner. I was enticed with fatty, yummy fast food, so it was har to abstain. I measured out only 100g of red beans and picked a small drumstick. I had that along with the same thing I ate for dinner yesterday. I actually felt really hungry not long after dinner yesterday, so I actually did need to add something to the meal. Maybe not fried chicken though…


Unfortunately, the restaurant made a mistake and put some applied pies in thee bag with our order. So… that happened.


I put it on a plate and ate it like anything else, just to make sure I KNEW I was eating it. I usually prepare my snacks and just inhale them. Then later when I’m snacking again, I’ve forgotten that I’m on like my 5th pop-tart for the day.

I’ve still got about 1/2 cup of water to drink, then my goal is about 10 more fl oz before I wind down for bed. According to MFP, I did good! I would’ve done better if I’d taken out the pie or the drumstick though.


I also dressed myself up in red today! Trying out bold, new things! Pray that I’m able to continue on this journey~ This makes 2 days down, 2 days closer to a life with better eating habits~


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