Food Diary #4 |Fitness & Nutrition


So, I’ve realized I definitely can’t do these weekly. I think once or twice a week will be my routine for the food diary posts.

Anyway, my food-life has been very interesting lately! Let me start with this past Sunday. I weighed myself and was down 3 pounds! I was honestly shocked because I had a couple of days where I slipped up and went over on the calories. It’s very likely that the reason I still lost weight was that I exercised and burned approximately 270kcal Monday through Friday. I think I said this in a previous post, but I do not factor exercise into my calorie consumption right now for a few reasons. One, is that I don’t believe I exercise enough to eat more calories. Another reason is that I want to focus on studying my eating habits and learning what 1200 to 1500 calories a day looks like.

I’ve also learned some interesting things:

  1. When I slip up and eat fast food, I tend to have stronger cravings for it. The only way to break the cycle, once I’ve had it, is to have (tasty) food prepared in-advanced for future meals and to avoid going anywhere when I’m hungry.
  2. I have a harder time going to bed at night on days that I ate fast food. Weird, isn’t it?
  3. Pasta is basically satan. Why would I say that? Look at this: IMG_0770Does it look like a lot of pasta to you? I mean, this is about a fourth of how much pasta I usually have in one sitting. Did you know this is 200 freakin calories….? So I’ve learned that I’ve got to be very considerate of pasta meals and what I’m eating with it (i.e. types of sauce) because the pasta alone makes up a significant portion of the calories I’ll consume. There was a day that I ate pasta twice and it caused me to go beyond 2,000 kcal for the day because I had eaten like 4g of pasta each time (which was normal to me).
  4.  It’s okay- actually, it’s a good thing to decide that I will or will not cut something out of my diet. I love sweets. In a weird way. I love them almost like I love people and when I don’t allow myself to have it, I get really… depressed. While part of this is the result of a sugar addiction, part of it is just my preferences. I do my best to replace unhealthy foods with healthy options, but sometimes it’s not a bad idea for me to just have the brownie, the fast food, or the fatty homemade special meal. What’s important is that I enjoy the food when I do decide to eat it and that I don’t do it too much. I also read in a book recently that consuming plenty of fruits and veggies on days where you slip up is also a good way to kind of counter the effects of eating less healthy foods.
  5. The key to enjoying fruits and veggies when you’ve got a pallet that prefers flavorful foods- sauces. Yes, I’ve got to be mindful about how much sauce I use, but sauce has helped me out a ton. Honey garlic, zesty teriyaki, mayo… the list goes on. I’ve been eating so much more veggies because I always sauce them up a bit!

Let’s get into my food… Also! Quick warning! There will be some pictures of fast food here. I will try to minimize them to avoid triggering anyone who struggles with eating that stuff~

Alrighty, so this week I prepped out some eggplant parmesan from a MFP recipe. It tastes so amazing, mainly because of the breading. I ended up making pasta to go on the side- which was a huge mistake calorically, but tasted great. I also had tacos with gauc, pico de gallo, with a side of sweet potato fries and black beans. Since I ended up with leftover pasta, I had tuna with some mayo, lemon pepper seasoning, and pasta. I enjoyed a low-calorie barefoot wine sparkler with my meals this past weekend.

My “snacks” or, “not really” meals this week were strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, chobani cups and flips, coffee, and protein shakes. I like to eat fruits for snacks, although I don’t always have a taste for them, because I can make a huge bowl or plate of them and it’s hardly any calories.

So, here were some of my not-so-good food choices. I had a chik-fil-a sandwich on a day that I was out and about, running errands, and starving. I did manage to avoid eating fries! The Popeyes was brought home to me… Unfortunately, I do not quite have the support I’d like to have to eat better. I didn’t take pictures, but this week I was also brought a Popeye’s sandwich and another pie. This turned into me having Taco Bell today. It’s so hard to say no to these kinds of foods. I try not to beat myself up though and since I now know how to combat the subsequent cravings, I’m not stressing. Each time I had one of these unhealthy options, the rest of my meals and snacks were fruits and veggies.

Today, I had a strong craving for fudge brownies. So I got some. I ate them mindfully and savored every bite and you know, they actually tasted 100x better when I did this… I was able to stop myself from overeating too.

I’m also planning to give Beachbody a try, just to add another exercise routine into my day. It’ll most likely be my night-time work out.

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