Me? Oh, uhh... well I'm a college student who loves to write when it's not mandatory for a class. I've got big dreams that I'm after.

How’s the Love Life?

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Goodness, I’m really grateful to have finally gotten to a place in my life where my love life is going well.

I’m still really young, so it makes sense that I’m still getting the hang of things. Still, it just feels so good to be in a place in my life where I am no longer being stressed to the point of depression because of my dating life. In the past, I was always either unhappily with someone, unhappily searching for someone, or unhappily taking a break from dating altogether after being hurt. It was exhausting to experience and even more exhausting to constantly complain about to my friends. I felt angry all the time towards God for giving me the desire to have companionship and start a family, but not giving me a mate. At some point, I honestly forgot what it was that I was even looking for in a mate- I just wanted to have one. Then came the bouts of deciding that I was going to “give up” on dating all together, which turned out to be even more miserable then actually trying.

But now, Continue reading →

Hair Update

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My hair has been doing so well since my last post about it. If I recall, in my last hair post, I was contemplating a relaxer or maybe I had relaxed and was writing about the maintenance. Either way, my hair is longer and thicker than it’s ever been in my life. I pulled a strand down my back and it was resting on my bra-strap. Now, I just want to get all of my hair to that length. For now, I’m thinking waist length is as long as I’ll allow my hair to grow because anything longer will be too much to maintain.

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Quitting My Search For The “Happy Ending”

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Perhaps I’m a pessimist for the way that I choose to look at things, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m no longer searching for my “happy ending”. This means that I’m letting go of the “what could’ve been” moments and people of my past. In general, I want to change the way that I think because I have come to accept that there’s only one point in life where the movie ends and the credits roll, and it’s not once I marry “the one”, start my “perfect” little family, or get that “amazing” (paying) job. Thoughts of the happy ending have been problematic and cause nothing but constant disappointment because I get so attached. Continue reading →

Running Update 8


It’s been so long since I’ve written about running because it’s been so long since I’ve gone for a run! Until today. I’m finally back at it and I’m more motivated than ever to get my body stronger and able to run longer. Interestingly enough, what motivates me the most to work out are my depressing morning emotions. The stronger the negative feelings, the stronger my urge to run it off.

So I ran today, 3 miles in Continue reading →

Bye Bye Capsule Wardrobe

Bitmoji ImageIf there’s one minimalist habit that it certainly not coming with me into 2019, it’s the capsule wardrobe.

Perhaps my approach to the capsule wardrobe was all wrong? I purchased a limited amount of clothing and every few months I would (have no choice but to) replace them. I rotated the pieces to make a variety of outfits and to avoid wearing them out too fast. That’s how you do “the capsule wardrobe” right…? Continue reading →