Me? Oh, uhh... well I'm a college student who loves to write when it's not mandatory for a class. I've got big dreams that I'm after.

Screwing Up is OK

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be praising myself for making mistakes, yet, here I am. It’s turned out to truly be a major key in me overcoming my issues with myself. In fact, I believe I’m much closer to overcoming some of my bad traits because I allow them to happen, acknowledge that they’re negatively impacting my life, and I plan to do better WITHOUT beating myself up and hosting a pity party afterwards. I wish I would’ve learned sooner that this was what I needed to do, but I didn’t want to. Running away from my issues just seemed so much more attractive.

Week 4 of Running

I would be on week 5 right now, but I had to skip a week. Since I started running, I have been much more fatigued than ever before. I wasn’t sure if it was a diet-related problem or a sleep issue, but I had been having problems with migraines and staying awake while studying. So, I analysed my sleeping habits as well as my diet and I made some changes. Instead of waking up 1 hour before my run, which I was doing because I wanted to believe that I could force myself to get up and spend 1 hour doing something like journaling, I wake up at the time that I need to go running and immediately get dressed and leave. I’ve also noticed some insomnia since I’ve been paying attention to my habits. The insomnia is due to anxiety that I have not completed enough to go to sleep- which will lead to my failure. On school days, I only wake up 1 hour before class and no more. Sleeping away from my phone has helped and I am highly considering purchasing a kindle instead, so that I can read until I fall asleep. Meditation helps somewhat with falling asleep, but it actually seems to cause nightmares that are flashbacks of traumatic events. I’ve started eating mixed-green salads several times per week, along with more sauteed vegetables, and less bread. I also don’t eat past 7pm. This has made me feel a bit better as well.

The last run that I did was a little tough, but I realized my form was the cause. I was intentionally widening my stride because I recognize that I have a short stride and I thought it was a problem. The increase in running periods hasn’t been that bad though, I just have to remember to keep my posture upright. I’m looking forward to week four!

Anticipating My Next Downsize


I’m proud to say that I haven’t completely gone backwards since I picked up minimalism, but I’ve got to admit… I’ve sort of acquired some junk again. Granted, my definition of “a lot” is probably not much to the average person, I feel like I’ve got too much useless stuff and it’s getting very close to the time of my next downsize. I know I’ve got to start planning what I want to get rid of, what spaces I intend to clean out, and clear at least a couple of days ahead of time in preparation and that’s the things I’m looking forward to the least. Continue reading →

Hair Journaling

One of the craziest, most confusing parts of my life is probably my hair. From a very young age, I would sometimes dread the day that it was time to have something to my hair. I knew it was either going to be the pain of cornrows, the painfully long time duration of having individual braids done, the uncomfortable feeling of water getting all over my face on a wash day, or the burning of a relaxer. Continue reading →

Week 2 of Running

I almost can’t believe that I’ve kept up with exercising all summer and through now because I have had the toughest time trying to convince myself that I am capable of being in shape. Yet, here I am, working on week 2 of the couch to 5k plan. I realized last week that the route that I’ve been running on actually has a slight incline, which makes me even more excited about my progress. I’m really looking forward to observing my running abilities by the mid-point. I have yet to make any dietary changes though, and I sometimes wonder what effect my diet is having on how well I’ve been doing or could be doing.