How I “Upgraded” My Look (Long Post)

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In May of last year, I was in a terrible mental space. It was the second time in my life where I’d reached the proverbial “rock bottom” emotionally. I was forced to face all of the feelings that I had bottled-in for over 5 years. While I won’t go into much of the specifics, I will say that it was the result of not being honest with myself. I would tell myself that I was fine when I wasn’t, say I was taking a “break” from dating when I really wanted to be in a relationship, etc… I wasn’t taking the best care of myself and I certainly wasn’t putting myself first. I think the only thing I cared about was making money. I was struggling mentally and it had started to affect my job, so I quit and decided that I would take on the financial burden of going two months without pay- the beginning of the financial crisis I’m in now, to figure myself out. Continue reading “How I “Upgraded” My Look (Long Post)”

A Hair Blog?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately of hair blogging a little more and I’ve especially been contemplating opening up my social media for the sake of being more social and sharing my hair growth. Whether or not I’ll actually do it… I don’t know! I have a tendency to shy away from being too active on social media in general because of my anxiety, but.. I’m definitely considering it! I guess we’ll see!

Hair Update

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My hair has been doing so well since my last post about it. If I recall, in my last hair post, I was contemplating a relaxer or maybe I had relaxed and was writing about the maintenance. Either way, my hair is longer and thicker than it’s ever been in my life. I pulled a strand down my back and it was resting on my bra-strap. Now, I just want to get all of my hair to that length. For now, I’m thinking waist length is as long as I’ll allow my hair to grow because anything longer will be too much to maintain.

My regimen is Continue reading “Hair Update”

Hair Journaling

One of the craziest, most confusing parts of my life is probably my hair. From a very young age, I would sometimes dread the day that it was time to have something to my hair. I knew it was either going to be the pain of cornrows, the painfully long time duration of having individual braids done, the uncomfortable feeling of water getting all over my face on a wash day, or the burning of a relaxer. Continue reading “Hair Journaling”