5 Good Questions | Part 1

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After some recent sad events, I’ve been questioning myself a lot. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was riding through life on “cruise” mode, but as soon as things got a little hectic I jumped on the brakes and grabbed the wheel. It’s uncomfortable, if I’m being honest. The time that I spent cruising through life was the first time that I have felt free in a long time. I wasn’t concerned too much with anything. Not work or school, nothing. I just told myself it’ll all work out the way God intends and I solely focused on my part- which was to just keep doing my best. One forced kiss, verbal altercation, and academic situation later and I’m back where I started. Struggling to navigate through life on terms that I set out of self-preservation.

In the midst of finding my way back to peace, I decided to do some searching through the Continue reading →

Finally Taking a Break

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For once, I took off from work and school to take care of myself and I’ve had to spend the entire day not letting myself feel bad for it. Now, I’ve got to be honest, I was actually forced to take this day off. I’m terribly sick and I’ve had pain throughout my entire body, plus I’m not getting any sleep. Ironically enough too, this all started within a day of me picking up a 3rd job. I couldn’t help but see it as a reminder from God that I am relying too hard on myself and not enough on Him.

Normally when I get sick or mentally unwell Continue reading →

When the Worst Case Happens

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Well, exactly what I was worried about and stressing about happened. I ran out of money. My job wasn’t paying me enough, my bills piled up, and before I knew it- my bank account had been emptied.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been through this though, but I’m hoping it’s the last. The good thing about having been in this situation before is that I know how to survive it. Not to mention, I live on a cheap college-kid budget anyway, so I’m used to living with very little. Continue reading →

Making Costly Decisions

Gosh, this will not be one of my happier posts. So there’s your warning lol.

Nobody likes to make choices that will cost them a big burden, right? For some, this could be a choice that leads to great financial strain or the loss of a physical item. That’s not what I’m going to be writing about here though. I’m talking about the decisions that cost you the people and relationships that might mean the most to you right now. Continue reading →