10 Things I’ve Learned in College

Graduation is knocking on my door and I can’t wait to answer it! With that in mind, I decided that my first post for the great month of October should be a reflection of the past [FAR TOO MANY] years of college that I’ve gone through. Also, I went through a list of prompts for posts and this was one. When considering what lessons I’ve learned, I tried to only pick the 10 most essential lessons to my growth into adulthood. Continue reading →

Screwing Up is OK

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be praising myself for making mistakes, yet, here I am. It’s turned out to truly be a major key in me overcoming my issues with myself. In fact, I believe I’m much closer to overcoming some of my bad traits because I allow them to happen, acknowledge that they’re negatively impacting my life, and I plan to do better WITHOUT beating myself up and hosting a pity party afterwards. I wish I would’ve learned sooner that this was what I needed to do, but I didn’t want to. Running away from my issues just seemed so much more attractive.


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“Water only what waters you” is how the saying goes. “What you allow is what will continue” says another. It all boils down to the same thing, don’t give all of your energy to people and things that drain you. Well, there’s another half to that solution for one-way relationships and I learned that the other half is to divest.What I mean by that is, not only should you stop putting any more of yourself into the relationship, but you need to take as much as you can back AND invest it somewhere that will immediately start to replenish you. Continue reading →