Moving Prep Progress

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9 months is all I’ve got left til the day I’ve been looking forward to finally arrives! But, despite how much day dreaming I’ve done, I really haven’t done much preparations for my big move. I think 9 months is sort of the sweet spot when it comes to preparing for any kinds of big plans because it’s just far out enough that you’ve got time to lay bits of a foundation, but just close enough that you can be fairly realistic with your expectations (of the future).

Honestly, it just feels weird that Continue reading →

In Need of Motivation

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I’ve been slowly but surely making preparations for my upcoming graduation. Still, I sometimes can’t believe that it’s really about to happen for me. Despite my excitement, I’ve found my recent run-in’s with anxiety (and accepting that I actually suffer from it), along with minor set-backs/disappointments, to actually cause me to forget that at the end of this year- which is already passing quickly, I’ll have accomplished 2 of my life’s goals. I’ll be in a much better situation to finally start settling down. These thoughts should stimulate me and excite me, but instead they’re like ghosts to me. I can sometimes see them but I can’t touch them, so I sometimes doubt their existence. Continue reading →

Life Update | 10 Months til the “Big Day”

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My favorite thing right now is watching women’s 30th birthday’s come. I’ve watched birthday parties on YouTube and I’ve celebrated with glee for my lucky friends who’ve finally reached the big 3-0. This might seem like it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m moving in 10 months, but it does!

I have grown so much in the past 5 years, the past, year, even in the past month. I have entered a cocoon and I can feel that I’m no longer a caterpillar anymore. Seeing how much I grow and change every week makes me look forward to turning 30 and who 30 year old me will be. I’m so curious to know what 4 more years of growth will have transformed me into. Continue reading →

Life Has Been A Little Strange

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When I started this blog, I talked about my big move. I knew it was coming. Yet, it still feels so strange that the time is almost here. I’ve got less than 12 months before the new chapter of my life begins and I can really feel it. The shift has forced me to really start to think about what I want. I mean, I’m always thinking about what I want, but now I actually feel closer to getting it. Continue reading →

Is it better to be.. “broke”?


I captured this photo while passing through Shizuoka on a road trip to Kyoto

A year ago, I was going to wait 8 more years to move to Japan. Isn’t that just ridiculous? Well see, there’s a reason. I wanted to have $50,000 before I go and I wanted to obtain this money by joining the military and saving.

While this plan might sound financially solid, it was silly. Continue reading →