Building ladders [Photo Journal]


I recently heard the term “build a ladder” when talking about coping mechanisms for depression. It made a ton of sense, especially the idea of just beginning by getting out of bed.


Today is my first time building a ladder and I’ve got to say, it’s might effective…! I began by getting out of bed and writing down 3 things that I will keep my mind on to avoid negative feelings. Then I showered and confronted all negative thoughts and dismissed them.


The future is bright 😉


Finding my passion and working for “free”

Finding my passion seems to be a full time job these day, except I’m not being paid to do so.. And it sounds like once I find this passion, I’ll need to practice it frequently so that I’m actually good at doing it (unless it’s something I already do). Maybe this is just the laziness in me, but that sounds like a lot of work! (Definitely laziness) And one thing I don’t like to do is work for free.. Continue reading