5 Good Questions | Part 4

4. What makes you genuinely happy?

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Gonna be honest here and say that this question was my favorite. Thinking about the things that make me happy has made me so happy. I mean, who doesn’t love to think about their favorite things in life? The author suggests considering childhood dreams and funny enough, I was just chatting with some girlfriends about my childhood passions. The things that have always made me happiest were handmade crafts, studying Japan and Japanese, and close relationships. Of course, as an adult and now a Christ-follower, God and my relationship with Him definitely make this list! Continue reading →

5 Good Questions | Part 2

Question 2: What is your ninety-second personal elevator speech?

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So, I’m continuing on from my last post about a tinybuddha article that has really given me some important things to meditate on. The second question actually caught me by surprise because this article focused on gaining a better sense of my life’s purpose, yet here I am being posed an interview question. I honestly skipped it each time I’ve come  back to read the article and I’ve contemplated skipping it here too. Then I started to think, perhaps that’s exactly why I should be paying attention. I tend to disregard things that are sometimes very important just because of the way I came across them.

The author suggests approaching this question as if Continue reading →

The Answers That Don’t Exist | What Now

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First, I want to say that as of today, I’ve got about 299 days- 9 months, til I graduate and I’m elated. I’ve spent far too much of my time day-dreaming about the changes that I’d like to have in my life after graduation. I look forward to gaining my full independence, settling in one place for some years, and getting my own place (with a kitty!). I’ve even made a habit of searching for apartments and houses online. Surprisingly enough, counting down the days actually isn’t making the time go by slower either. But back to what I really want to write about here.

I’m always in pursuit of answers. It’s just my nature. I’ve been this way since I was a child. When something sparks my interest, Continue reading →

A 5 Year Difference

2013 vs 2018

5 years ago, I was 20 years old and I was an entirely different person. 5 years doesn’t even sound like a long time, but when you’re transitioning into adulthood, 5 years can be life changing. So here are 5 major ways that I’ve changed in the past 5 years. Continue reading →